Emerging Artists

‘Emerging Artist’ may be one of the most over used terms in the art market, whether it be here in Australia or overseas. At Anala Art Advisory we refer to an emerging artist as someone who is refining their skill set and is on a journey of discovery, both in their craft and themselves.
The advantage of purchasing work by an emerging artist is that the price point of works by someone at the beginning of their career is much lower than by an established artist such as John Olsen. However, it is interesting to note that only 10 years ago a John Olsen watercolour cost approximately $6,000. Now they retail for between $75 – $85K!
Anala Art Advisory will assist in introducing you to promising artists at the beginning of their career. While their investment potential may be unknown, it is exciting to know you could be supporting the next Margaret Olley or Charles Blackman.

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