Donna Louise Fletcher

My most recent body of work references the combined nature of the diverse entity and fluid life-force that is water and celebrates our universal relationship with both its powerful strength and subtle gentleness. Whilst exploring ideas of cascading waterfalls, flowing streams, wild untamed storms and the mysteries that lie deep beneath the crashing waves that connect us all. As an abstract expressionist painter I find a sense of freedom in intuitive mark making. As layer by layer, organic and gestural forms converge with vigorous, expressive marks that generate an ebb and flow between a perceived chaotic tension and an aura of tranquillity that in its conclusion is most certainly underpinned by the concepts of chance and the collective unconscious. There is no dress rehearsal and with each new work I strive to elude the mundane and create an expressive, textural world of colour and movement as the acrylic paint is unleashed onto the canvas as it lay flat on the studio floor. The impromptu nature of my process drives me forward as connections are established, lost and then re-established within the work. My practice is influenced by the expressionist and colour field painters who dared to dream, take risks and break artistic rules. Nature and natural phenomenon intrigue me and are often used as reference points for developing an idea for a body of work. The outcome is less about creating the ‘perfect picture’ and more about a spontaneous delivery of rhythm and form that trigger a mood, memory or emotion that link both concept and process.

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